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Candy dispensers may seem like a simple concept, yet in reality, these everyday machines have demanding requirements. The design must be precise to control humidity and reduce spoilage.  The materials and construction need to ensure sanitation. The machines must evenly and consistently dispense, with every transaction.


A major candy manufacturer needed a design for a display that would sanitarily dispense candies, one at a time, without jams or broken pieces. Their concern was poorly designed displays that would cause candy pieces to  chunk-up and jam the machine.


Custom Model Works created a prototype dispenser that met the aesthetic, functional and sanitary needs of the manufacturer. We used 100% Acrylic, an excellent material for food items. The optically clear design allowed for unhindered viewing of the confections. To prevent jamming, we designed a feed frame to break up chunks of candy and allow for even, consistent dispensing.


●  Made of Acrylic

●  100% stick built

●  Simulation of injection molding

●  Compound curved handwork

●  Routered pieces